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External Threats: Security Beyond The Perimeter

Learn what over 500 enterprises and financial institutes said about external internet threats: measuring impact, detection and mitigation maturity, and strategic prioritization.

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Internet Threat Detection. Analysis. Mitigation. BrandProtect.

Our focus is on detecting, analyzing and mitigating the online incidents and cyber attacks that arise beyond the traditional security perimeter — phishing attacks, domain theft, social domain activity, mobile app threats, impersonation schemes, marketplace fraud and more —  that threaten your business, your people, your customers and your marketplaces. We help you gain visibility and real intelligence about these outside threats to your brands, physical location, customers, employees, and executives.  Once detected, validated, and analyzed, we mitigate those threats, stopping the attackers from damaging your business or tarnishing your reputation.


Unmatched Threat Detection

From high volume phishing attacks, domain squatting , brandjacking, mobile app schemes, and auction fraud, to complex schemes including twitter attacks, spear phishing incidents, and executive masquerades, we are on the job, protecting your business and business reputation 24/7/365.

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Find the Real Threats

Our proprietary searching, spidering, and threat assessment platform is the result of 10 years of investment and improvement. In head-to-head evaluations, BrandProtect incident discovery is ranked superior to the competition. We search the Internet deeper and wider, and discover more potentially harmful incidents. Multi-step incident detection, validation, and assessment eliminates the false positives that weigh down in-house or other solutions. We combine machine-based intelligence with highly skilled human inspection and reasoning to ensure that you see only the incidents that matter to your business.

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Full Visibility and Risk Status

All BrandProtect services provide access to our dedicated customer portal and Incident Window. You have one place to look for a complete summary of the online incidents that threaten you. Use our enterprise workflow, including complete incident tracking and data archiving, and/or connect your threat data to your in-house SEIM, or analytics platforms, like SPLUNK, through our robust enterprise APIs or STIX/TAXII support.

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Flexible Suite of Services

The BrandProtect services suite provides you with flexibility to focus your efforts on specific threat vectors, or add comprehensive coverage beyond the perimeter to your portfolio.

  • Domain Abuse/Threat Monitoring
  • Phishing Attack Detection & Mitigation
  • Event Monitoring
  • Executive Threat Monitoring
  • Auction Monitoring
  • Channel Compliance Monitoring
  • Brand Abuse Monitoring
  • Paid Placement Monitoring
  • Mobile App Monitoring & Mitigation
  • Social Media / Open Source Monitoring (for Reputation / Compliance / Marketing / Legal / Investor Relations / HR / Physical / Cyber Incidents and threats)
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Our weekly summary of cyber threat news and developments provides you the latest information on the state of the threat universe.

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We are Rated #1 for client satisfaction by Forrester Research. In the end our customers’ safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind is paramount. We are proud to be trusted by hundreds of blue chip financial institutions and companies including top banks, insurers, global retailers, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, media companies, and more.

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