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threat monitoring

11 of the top 35 Banks in North America
rely on BrandProtect for Threat Monitoring

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CISOs agree – the threat you cannot see
is the one that keeps you up at night.

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Comprehensive Cyber Threat Monitoring

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What Does Reputational Risk Cost?

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, a damaged reputation can result in lost customers, costly litigation and lost revenue.
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FFIEC Social Media Guidance
Adds a Lot of Work to Your World

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For enterprises concerned about their exposure to increasing online risk, BrandProtect™ provides a complete suite of world class cyber threat detection analysis and intelligence services to monitor the entire social Internet spectrum and mitigate business risk arising from illegal, infringing, or threatening online activity.


BrandProtect deploys an unmatchable combination of advanced proprietary threat detection technology, along with a professional team of deeply experienced threat analysts to quickly identify, analyze, and mitigate cyber threats against intellectual property, physical locations, executives and employees, as well as reputational and compliance risks. These risks can occur as a result of online brand abuse, trademark infringement incidents, phishing attacks, web traffic diversions, website integrity issues, defamatory discussions and other fraudulent or unauthorized online activity.

Upcoming Event

3rd Annual Enterprise Risk Management
December 2-3 2014

BrandProtect General Manager, Michael Kiefer will join Craig Spielmann, head of operational risk at RBS Americas, to discuss cybercrime, enterprise exposure, effective safeguards, and how enterprises need to integrate social risk into their overall risk profiles and plans.
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Cyber Threat Intelligence

Acting as a trusted partner, BrandProtect, helps security, risk management, and marketing teams at leading financial services institutions,
large-scale retailers, insurance providers, telecoms, pharmaceuticals, and more, protect their brand value and business bottom line.

Threat Detection & Monitoring
Incident Assessment & Analysis
Workflow, Tracking & Forensics
Fast, Reliable Mitigation