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Socail Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring is a key component of any comprehensive Internet Reputation Management program. BrandProtect created the Social Media Analysis and Research Tool (SMART) to help companies understand how their brands are represented in the world of Social Media risks and determine when and where to take action. The SMART approach involves:


Search – websites, blogs, forums, news, social media sites and bulletin boards
Identify – information with negative impact including defamatory comments, rumours or inaccuracies as well as positive discussion
Filter – using industry-specific search parameters, determine the significance and relevance of emotionally charged sentiments being expressed
Prioritize – based on the sentiment expressed and authority of the source

Prioritizing what’s meaningful, relevant and emotionally charged

Social media is growing rapidly, making it a critical factor in Internet Reputation Management for brands. Technorati estimates that 75,000 blogs are created daily, with 1.2 million new posts that often include consumer opinions on products and services.


If you aren’t monitoring for social media risks or are limited by free tools without comprehensive analysis capabilities, it’s critical to choose a solution that goes beyond managing data quantity.


Protecting your Internet reputation and uncovering opportunities for meaningful consumer conversations require monitoring that focuses on data quality – prioritizing what’s meaningful, relevant and emotionally charged to mitigate negative impact on your company or highlight positive feedback.


With the Social Media Analysis and Research Tool (SMART) you get:


Social media risk monitoring
Industry-leading sentiment analysis accuracy
Comprehensive search and monitoring capability
Built-in intelligence continuously improves data accuracy
Client-specific database with historical data for ease of trending
Dedicated support for search optimization and analysis
24/7 Emergency response hotline
Integration with other BrandProtect services provides consolidated view over all forms of online abuses
Managed services for 100% validated results


The SMART approach allows for higher relevance of data provided and greater accuracy of sentiment analysis.


human analysis of social media monitoring results



Why the SMART approach to social media?

With all of the pressure to embrace social media, companies are virtually paralyzed by fear, indecision and frustration. It’s one thing to receive stacks of reports with all of the incidences of your company’s social media mentions. But it’s another to filter that information strategically, prioritize it and take appropriate action to either diffuse a crisis or capitalize on an opportunity.


Social Media Monitoring Dashboards

Built-in Intelligence

The application learns from reporting and client input on search words and business rules to hone search and prioritization parameters.


Access historical data for social media trending

Experienced Professionals

Our specialists are social media experts with a broad range of real world experience in addressing Internet Reputation Management issues stemming from social media.

Dedicated Support

Our specialists are on call to help you improve search and analysis and to respond to any identified issues.
For time-sensitive issues, you can reach a support specialist 24/7 using our emergency hotline.

Comprehensive, Intuitive Reporting

Results are provided in a secure portal with sophisticated filtering and analytic capabilities.

Social Media Support Services

Services include an introduction to Social Media and its implications, designed for executives. Mitigation services, including site takedown and Cease & Desist letter issuance. Crisis management and emergency response, and Investor relations and advice specific to the use of social media.


Managed SMART Services

Let our social media experts review and validate the data from your SMART studies. This value-add service frees up your valuable staff time and provides review continuity. Our expert analysts will review your studies daily, validate the data, notice trends and even notify you if there is a situation that needs to be escalated.



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