SMART IS … A Sensible Approach

Analysing Social Media is complex. Processing the huge volumes on the internet is not for the faint-hearted. Creating your own social media platform is simply not practical, even with access to third party text analysis software.
You need the data, but you certainly don’t want to send your customers to someone else’s portal, or force them to wade through data in a social media silo with no connection to your own application.

Take advantage of SMART to bring the key social media intelligence directly into your own application to complement the value you already provide.

SMART IS … A SAAS Platform

We’ve invested in the servers and the big pipes to the internet. SMART processes huge volumes of social media data continuosly, in multiple languages, around the globe and around the clock. SMART sifts through millions of posts and web pages to zero in on key insights which are valuable to your application and your customers.


SMART provides your solution with a valuable feed of social media intelligence, processed according to industry and application criteria, and which can be presented directly through your application or through our own portal facility branded with your corporate identify.


With SMART you leverage millions of dollars in development investment and years of experience in the business, directly into your solution for the benefit of your customers. It’s that simple.

SMART IS … Different

Unlike generic social media solutions, SMART analyzes social media data in context with application and industry requirements to provide Social Intelligence for specific business functions. In this way, SMART avoids the "data fire-hose" and "one-size fits all" approaches of generic "feed" providers while presenting you with a tailored solution that fits within your application.


Key Challenges for Current SolutionsSocial Media Intelligence


Our Partner Based go-to-market strategy marries our partners’ deep industry expertise with our powerful Best in Breed technology and service platform. SMART helps you avoid adoption barriers by embedding into rich and existing solutions where **your** customers already work.

You will be leveraging a proven white label revenue model and working with an organization that has a track record with partners.

SMART IS … Partner Ready

Partnering is smart, and SMART loves to partner. SMART was built with SaaS delivery to reduce the risk for our partners. But we don’t just “Plug and Play. We are on the hook to tune our solution to deliver Best in Breed white label capabilities that you deem valuable to your customers. SMART delivers an advisory team with years of expertise in delivering data and analytics tuned to partners’ offerings.


You are not an afterthought. Our experts will guide and support the process of empowering your applications with industry-leading social media capabilities and are also your resource to deliver personalized and branded solutions to your customers. With our 24/7 Incident Response Team you will have confidence that you have support for your customer base.


Our singular focus ensures that you stay ahead of your competition. We have been delivering solutions since 2001 and are recognized market leaders in social and threat analytics identification. We are in the business to be your resident experts.


Social Media is pervasive. It cuts across industries, departments and applications, and its important to your customers. Social Media enable your solution quickly by leveraging SMART.


The SMART delivery and pricing model considers your customer delivery and pricing models. You will present a unified customer experience empowering your customers with social analytics at a competitive price.

SMART IS … For You

The SMART Solutions Provider Program is for Service Providers, Software Enabled Services and Software Vendor Partners. Using SMART, our partners can social-media enable existing applications and services or simply leverage our portal facilities to offer a branded social media intelligence capability to complement other service offerings. Either way, you get to the power of our sophisticated Social Intelligence engine and the support of our social media experts, all with less risk and at a lower cost.


SMART is tuned to your arena and the particular data sets as required. SMART analyzes social media data in context with your application and industry requirements to provide you a tailored Social Intelligence capability tuned to your needs. Application areas include:


Consumer Experience

Security Solutions

Customer Service

Public Relations

Market Intelligence

Campaign Tracking

Business Intelligence

Influencer marketing

Social Commerce

Product Development

Regulatory and Compliance

Brand Protection

Human Resources



SMART IS … Awesome Technology

The SMART Advantage:


Industry leading sentiment analysis accuracy


Comprehensive search and monitoring capability


Built-in intelligence continuously improves data accuracy


Client specific database with historical data for ease of trending


Dedicated support for search optimization and analysis


24/7 Emergency response hotline


Integration with our partners services to provide consolidated view over all data