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Mobile App Monitoring

Mobile App Monitoring

Fraudulent mobile apps are smartphone applications which leverage a well-established and popular brand name in order to entice users to download and install it.


Some fraudulent mobile apps are malware, which may capture personal information sent and received by the device or make “phantom” calls to premium phone numbers, while others may just be using a company name or logo without prior authorization. Regardless of their intent, these apps – which are often poorly designed – create a negative association in the mind of the user, which tarnishes your company’s good reputation.


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BrandProtect performs regular searches of the official mobile app stores for iOS (Apple), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Amazon Apps and non-official app stores for any reference to our clients. These stores are searched not just for apps available in North America, but also the clients’ primary market – if the target organization only does business in Brazil, the Brazilian version of the app stores will be searched as well.


When BrandProtect finds a fraudulent app, it is immediately reported to the client along with a full report – developer information, number of downloads, app screenshots, and an explanation as to why we believe it to be fraudulent – that provides valuable intelligence data and can help support a criminal investigation.


BrandProtect’s Incident Response Team has built strong relationships with these app providers to allow for rapid, effective takedown of offending apps, leading to some of the fastest takedown times in the industry.


BrandProtect’s Mobile App Monitoring service is an add-on to any of our primary services: Brand Abuse, Identity Theft Attack Management, or Social Media Monitoring. For your convenience, we offer our Mobile App Monitoring service in three tiers to better fit the needs of your organization.


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