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BrandProtect Partners


24/7 Emergency Response - 1.866.757.5678

The Emergency Response Hotline is for BrandProtect Enterprise customers to report identity theft, brand abuse and social media emergency issues only.


If you are not a BrandProtect customer and would like more information about BrandProtect and its services, please contact or call 1.866.721.3725.


For all non-emergency issues please contact your account manager or and a representative will get back to you during the next business day.


After dialing the Emergency Response Hotline 1-866-757-5678 you will be prompted to make a selection as follows:

PRESS 1 for identity theft issues (Phishing, SMShing, Vishing and Malware). You will either reach a live representative or you will be requested to leave a message including your name, number and a brief explanation of the issue. An incident response analyst will then get back to you within 30 minutes.