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Brand Abuse

Resources - Whitepapers


Manage Your Online Reputation  

What Does the FFIEC Guidance on Social Media Risk REALLY Mean to Your Governance, Compliance and Security Operations?

By Michael M. Kiefer, General Manager, BrandProtect


On December 11, 2013 the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) delivered new guidance on social media risk management. This document explores the FFIEC guidance and suggests methods for right-sizing your social media risk management program to the size of your social media use and exposure.

Manage Your Online Reputation  

Protect Your Revenue, Rights and Reputation

By Michael M. Kiefer, General Manager, BrandProtect


Maintaining a reputation is hard. Failure to do so can be catastrophic.

The advent of the Internet means that information travels faster than ever before. It also means that virtually anyone can report a bad customer service experience, make false allegations, or leak sensitive information through multiple public and shareable channels.

Retirement of Digital Marketing Materials  

Managing the Withdrawal and Retirement of Digital Marketing Materials
for FDA-Regulated Companies

By Michael M. Kiefer, General Manager, BrandProtect


In the event where outdated marketing material stays online available to consumers, the FDA considers this a misbrand of the drug. A misbrand of the drug is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act1, and all materials in violation need to be withdrawn. Given the fast pace of social sharing, the daily challenge of removing marketing material from the public Internet is extremely daunting.

Internet Threats and the Rise of Social Media  

Internet threats and the rise of social media

By Michael M. Kiefer, General Manager, BrandProtect


The rapid adoption of social media is creating serious security challenges for the banking industry. In the near future, it is likely you will need to respond to a social media incident impacting you, your board, your employees, your customers and your loss reserves. Welcome to the Internet. And welcome to your next headache. Social media threats are an area seemingly beyond your control but well within your regulatory responsibility.

Understanding Discussion  

Understanding Discussion

By Elias Vamvakas, Chairman, BrandProtect


With the explosion of social media and the formation of new virtual communities that are becoming bigger than countries, corporations are recognizing that consumer insights and influence will be the future determinants of success. As a result, there is a frenzy to understand online discussion. For those seeking customer insights, discussion monitoring is the rage, and sentiment analysis has become the “Holy Grail”.

Internet - Threats, Risk Mitigation and Reputation Strategies  

Internet - Threats, Risk Mitigation and Reputation Strategies
“The other side of the Coin”

By Michael M. Kiefer, General Manager, BrandProtect; With insights from Susan Orr


It’s more than just reactively preventing unauthorized access to your data and meeting regulatory requirements, it’s also about taking proactive steps to preserve your online reputation.