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Brand Abuse

Resources - Case Studies

Read some of our case studies and learn how BrandProtect has provided superior brand protection solutions for our clients.


Community bank attacks phishing away from home with BrandProtect.

One mid-western U.S.-based community bank has always adopted a proactive approach to online protection for its customers. So when the bank began receiving notices of a phishing attack on another bank with the same name, it decided to leverage the anti-phishing resources it had in place to stop the activity at its source. Download Here.


Teck Cominco mines the Internet with BrandProtect.

Keeping pace with online activities relating to brand usage is of critical importance for mining operations such as Teck Cominco. In an industry that is strongly focused on protecting investor confi dence, as well as health and safety, Teck Cominco found that the services of BrandProtect could play an important role in tracking fraudulent sites, as well as enhancing their ability to keep track of public concerns and safety issues. Download Here.


Battling the botnets and zombies BrandProtect puts malware in its place.

The proliferation of malware is a cause for increasing concern for businesses and consumers. While many instances of malware are little more than a nuisance for users, others can have a much more insidious impact on a company’s online credibility. Download Here.


Phishing for dollars: the race to protect financial institutions from the phisher kings of the world.

For financial services companies, few things are as potentially damaging as phishing - the fraudulent collection of personal customer information. Phishing undermines consumer confi dence in a brand, puts customers at great risk of identity theft and costs the fi nancial industry billions of dollars each year. Download Here.