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Anti-Phishing Solutions

Phishing and other Identity Theft incidents can degrade your brand’s image both on- and off-line, and expose your organization to thousands of dollars in liabilities.


BrandProtect’s Anti-Phishing Solution helps dozens of national and international banks, insurance companies, and retailers mitigate the impact these malicious attacks have against their brand and customers.


Identity Theft Types:

What is PhishingIdentity Theft incidents can be phishing (email/website-based attacks), vishing (voice/phone-based scams) or SMShing (SMS/text messaging-based scams) Also, internet-based scams have the possibility of including malware (malicious software) that can steal additional personal information, hold computers hostage in exchange for a “ransom payment”, or hand over full control of the computer to the perpetrators.


Superior Mitigation

Our Incident Response Team consists of members around the globe, speaking over 10 languages to better communicate with international internet service providers (ISPs), registrars, and domain owners. With the assistance of over 4000 ISPs, covering more than 90% of the web, BrandProtect has a perfect 100% takedown record and have among the fastest takedown times in the industry. Learn more about BrandProtect's Takedown Process.


How do we detect Phishing scams?

To ensure that we detect as many phishing attacks as possible, BrandProtect continuously publishes thousands of email addresses in high-risk online environments. As a result, our email servers are inundated with emails every second of every day. Each time a new email is received, our software conducts an automated analysis to determine the brand being targeted.


Once a threat is detected, our Incident Response Team analyzes it to determine the level of severity that it poses and starts the takedown process in order to eliminate the threat.

Identity Theft Detection

We continuously publish thousands of email addresses in high-risk online environments. As a result, our email servers are inundated with emails/spam. These “honeypots” are continuously being analyzed by our software to determine if they contain threats. Any threats discovered that affect our customers are immediately sent out as threat Alerts. This way our customers can proactively respond to and mitigate any potential threats.

Malware Detection

Malware is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's consent. Through agreements with leading threat centers globally, and our own ”honeypots”, we aggregate and analyze malicious threats. The resulting data feeds allow our customers to proactively respond and mitigate potential threats.

Malware Analysis and Mitigation/Take-down

We analyze emails, attachments and websites that have been found to contain Malware to determine the locations of command and control (C&C) servers, peer addresses, and methods of communications. We also use forensic data from our analysis to assist our Incident Response Team in determining the appropriate approach or to enlist the assistance of ISPs and authorities so that the botnets creating the threat can be closed down and eliminated.

Abuse Box Forwarding

Many companies, especially financial institutions, will provide an avenue for their customers who believe they have received a fraudulent email to forward that email for analysis to what is known as an “abuse box”. Our Abuse Box forwarding service allows our software to provide immediate and ongoing analysis of all the emails received for possible threats. This is a very cost effective service automating what may be a significant work load and at the same time providing instant 24x7 coverage which eliminates delays in shutting down fraudulent sites.

BrandProtect’s Identity Theft Attack Management solution incorporates the following:

A rapid response service to deal with all forms of identity theft attacks
Best in class detection practices including 24x7 response to abuse mail from customers
Support for employee and customer education: Incident response guidelines and simulated attack education
Browser plugins to help protect against attacks from fraudulent websites
Secure Portal with incident data details, trending and reporting capability
URL and DNS blocking
Access to best practices from BrandProtect client base and partner community



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