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Online Brand Monitoring


Why BrandProtect?

For enterprises concerned about their business exposure to increasing online risk, BrandProtect provides a complete suite of world class Internet threat detection services to monitor the entire social Internet spectrum and mitigate business risk arising from fraudulent or unauthorized online activity. BrandProtect deploys a unique combination of advanced proprietary technology, plus a seasoned team of deeply experienced threat analysts to quickly identify and take action on relevant brand abuse and trademark infringement incidents, phishing attacks, web traffic diversions, website integrity issues, defamatory discussions and other fraudulent or unauthorized online activity.


Acting as a trusted partner, BrandProtect, helps security, risk management, and marketing organizations at leading financial services institutions, large-scale retailers, insurance providers, telecoms, pharmaceuticals and more, protect their brand value and business bottom line.


Best Technology

The BrandProtect platform is unmatched for depth and breadth of online monitoring; searching more threat channels, including social media feeds, microblogging sites, auction, video and photo sites, mobile app stores, web domain registrations, article comments and uncovering more results faster than competitive offerings.


State-of-the-art infrastructure
Automated search technology covers more Social Media Sites, open-source, and customer specific sites, faster and at a lower LOE
Unique text, image and discussion search capabilities
Multi-language coverage
Interactive customer portal – allows customers to make requests through portal to manage their solutions / projects / search criteria in an automated fashion
Operational resources around the globe provide 24/7 assurance


Best Results

Recently the CSO at a top 20 bank told BrandProtect, “you listen to sites I didn’t know existed, you give me access to data I would not ever find…” With 10 years of experience listening and monitoring online threats against brands, BrandProtect delivers unmatched coverage across the widest range of threat channels. The BrandProtect platform, backed by deeply experienced threat analysts, filters search results, providing superior results through effective incident filtering. As a client and BrandProtect work together, monitoring results and reporting thresholds are constantly tuned so that clients don’t waste time sifting through trivial results. Only those results most relevant to a client are displayed on the BrandProtect portal.


Powerful filtering technologies and procedures eliminate the firehose effect, BrandProtect clients review only the most relevant incidents
Information when you need it: Browser-based customer portal displays relevant incident data through flexible dashboard views
Post-incident forensic services recognized by the FBI as an industry best practice
Selected by Microsoft as the best data management solutions provider

Best Customer Experience

Clients and Industry Analysts agree, BrandProtect provides great service. Our commitment to client success informs everything we do. From monthly or quarterly reviews, to ad hoc calls and requests, BrandProtect stands ready to make sure that our customers are receiving the full benefit of our expertise and technology. BrandProtect partners with clients to ensure that their threat monitoring needs are met, including broad attacks against brands, and specific threats against facilities, customers, supply chain and executives. It is no surprise that BrandProtect boasts numerous F1000 accounts, across all industries, including 11 of the top 35 U.S. Banks.


Rated #1 for client satisfaction by Forrester Research
Mentioned in the Gartner Report, as a trusted Cyber Security partner “Reality Check on Big Data Analytics for Cybersecurity and Fraud” (Pub: 16 Jan 2014)
A dedicated team of Data Taggers, pre Analyst review and presentation
Dedicated Analyst, with extensive knowledge assigned to your account
Blue chip clients / references, many in the Fortune 1000, across all verticals
10+ year track record


Best Value

BrandProtect combines proprietary monitoring and filtering technology, enhanced by human inspection and prioritization to allow companies access to complete full-channel monitoring at a fraction of the cost of an internal implementation. The BrandProtect platform integrates best-of-breed implementations of brand abuse monitoring, mobile app inspection, full spectrum social media monitoring, anti-phishing and other services into one consolidated and consistent workflow. BrandProtect clients are able to bypass multiple-vendor implementations, and attain multi-dimensional insights into brand threats without incurring expensive data integration costs.


Huge ROI vs. existing internal/external people & procedures and utilizing outside counsel for remediation
Selected as 2006 Global winner of Microsoft’s Partner Awards Program, rated over 2,300 competing firms in the “Winning Customer” category


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